The Mad Lab by FolkHouse Brewery

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Design: Ella Taylor
Location: Canada
Project Type: Student Project
School: Wilson School of Design
Tutor: John Belisle, David Young
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

FolkHouse is a fictional cooperative brewery located on the west coast of Canada. The competition is hot and they needed a design for a special edition beer series launch that would strike out competitors and win the hearts of craft beer enthusiasts near and far. The Mad Lab is a special edition beer series that takes characteristics of each one of the three brews, and brings them to life. The Mad Lab concept is bold, experimental, and truly one of a kind, representative of the FolkHouse identity. The Mad Lab series was inspired by Frankenstein style mashups, the mad genius brewing within all of us and making the impossible come to life with vigor.

The design of The Mad Lab embraces the liberties that come along with designing beer cans- it’s outlandish and tells a story. The story of the mad scientist is a classic one that most folk can relate to from a place of nostalgia or nerdom. The brewing process is explosive, improvised and is one of the few places that playing god is encouraged. This series aims to encapsulate all of that. These cans highlight quirky, pseudo-scientific graphic illustration with a very slight nod to vintage industrial style form field design. This was a school project made from a remote context involving identity, positioning and strategy work, concept creation and execution.