Fade Away (loneliness wine)



Design: Jane Berezhna
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
School: HSE ARt and Design School
Tutor: Tutor: Oksana Paley
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper

The older we get, we become more aware of the fact that people come and go. Throughout our life we learn and relearn over and over again how to let go of people that no longer serve us. In the end, we are more than lucky if we have a handful of loved ones by our side that we know we can rely on in good times and especially in bad. However, the process of letting go is never a simple task. We may have overcome similar challenges in the past, but each and every loss feels like the first.

In times of feeling alone, lost and misunderstood, in times of relearning to let go until the conclusion of our lesson is and always will be – time, that time heals all wounds, we need to find a way spend that time. This is where the product comes in. The design is built on ripped photographs of couples and friends, typography from the counter-label is moved to the front. The concept is that, yes, we all go through difficult times, but what if we realized that others do to. We all feel lost and alone, but maybe feeling lost can bring us together. We can be lost, together. When people will see the bottle of wine the are going to feel that somebody understands what they are going through. Through our loneliness and confusion this concept wine can help us to connect, and what better way is there than sharing a glass of wine with somebody out there that too isn’t feeling their very best right now.