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Derrick Lin


Design: Patrick Joffrey Pesch
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Coffee Beans
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminuim
Printing Process: Silk Screen

In our aim to develop the best packaging to keep our super premium coffee fresh, we decided to use aluminium. We see our coffee as a premium lifestyle product and we would like it to be integrated into our customers daily lives.

The design of our Fact.Coffee cans have been chosen in a way that they can be displayed openly in the kitchen or living room area and fit into a modern interior design. The cans have a special degas valve integrated into the bottom, which allows for the co2 to escape the can without letting oxygen into the can, which can lead to a faster degradation of the beans.

We purposely chose to keep the outside of the can clean and simple – as this reflects our general attitude to business and life.