10 Creative Soda Packaging Design

Derrick Lin


Today, the humble soda can is undergoing a resurgence like never before! With Pepsi and Fanta recently launching dazzling new packaging designs, it’s never been more important to stand out in the crowded soft drinks aisle. From bold colors to eye-catching illustrations and clever fonts, here are 10 creative and inspiring soda packaging designs from around the world.

Orangina Bikini by Yuko Takagi

Orangina has done it again – with their limited summer label released just in time for Marine Day in Japan, they have created a truly unique beverage experience. Combining all the juicy goodness of fresh oranges with the convenience of being bottled, this delicious drink is perfect for any summer vacation.

The packaging design might be the most remarkable part – designed to resemble a French bikini, Orangina has included realistic details such as wrinkles and buttons that make it feel as if you are enjoying a slice of juicy orange on the beach. Not only does this create visual appeal and an inviting atmosphere, but it also serves to remind consumers of the summer season and gives them a refreshing reminder of warm days spent under the sun.

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The collaborative design is a perfect representation of the spirit of both brands–flowers from HeySong that symbolize passion for pursuing one’s dreams, coupled with vases from Eslite that embody the possibility of creating a beautiful life. But, even more than an impressive design, what people truly responded to was the happiness it represented. When you receive your can of sarsaparilla, it’s like saying “life is good”–a message that resonated with those who longed for a moment of joy in an otherwise difficult time.

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SOMERSAULT by Denomination

Denomination introduces a packaging design that stands out in any environment, whether it be cafés, bars, or shelves. Its contemporary pastel colors appeal to a discerning target consumer looking for healthier options without compromising on flavor and craftsmanship.

The brand’s organic ingredients and low sugar content are highlighted on the wrap-around label, as well as tasting notes that make the selection easier. A bold logotype and uncoated paper stock add to the desired premium positioning of the brand. All these efforts come together to create an overall look and feel that is unique among health conscious drinks brands.

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FANTOLA by Svoe Mnenie

Svoe Mnenie’s team set out to create something that could truly stand out on the shelves and compete with behemoth brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They knew they had to come up with a design that would attract the attention of their target audience – young people who are always looking for something new and out of the ordinary.

The solution they came up with was Fantola, a creative and unique brand concept that incorporated whimsical visuals, bold humor, and tongue-in-cheek references to modern technology. The design featured the non-traditional Tiffany color, which draws eyes instantly, and characters made from elements used in popular social media emoji packs and mask collections.

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Dalston’s Soda – Delivery Boxes by B&B Studio

As people stayed at home, many brands looked to new initiatives to keep their customers connected. Dalston’s Soda was one of these forward-thinking companies that saw the opportunity in creating memorable experiences through home delivery services.

And so they partnered with B&B Studio to create a unique box that not only delivered their sodas but also helped communicate their values to both customers and potential customers. The new boom box shippers have become a symbol of the brand, showcasing its commitment to sustainability, community, and convenience all at once.

The crafty design elements, made entirely from card, were eye-catching and shareable, helping spread awareness about their ‘soda with soul’ mission even further. Through the outer boxes, people could gain an insight into the heart and soul of this wonderful brand and the passion that fuels it.

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Cornish Orchards by Thirst Craft

Cornish Orchards have long been renowned for their delicious, all-natural cider, but what some people don’t know is that they also offer a range of delicious soft drinks. Until recently, their softs design looked too similar to their more popular cider options and needed a fresh redesign. This is where Thirst stepped in.

Thirst Craft created a bold and modern design that celebrates the simple ingredients in each drink. Instead of jumping on the botanical illustration trend, they chose something different – hand rendered typography and vibrant colour splits to create an eye-catching brand blocking design behind bar and on shelf. The result is a stand out range of soft drinks that brings the freshness of the orchard right onto pack.

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MR. ANGRY SODA by Dragon rouge

inm – the leading dairy and food manufacturer in China – is shaking up the consumer market with its newest product, Mr. Angry. This probiotic soda water combines the refreshing taste of yogurt and fizzy soda for an invigorating treat that’s sure to energize young generations.

The clever name, 生气君 (Mr. Angry), speaks to the vibrant energy of the product, as “生气” means “lively, bubbling, and angry”. Furthermore, the Chinese pronunciation of “君” is the same as “bacteria” – a reference to this beverage’s probiotic properties. The packaging also cleverly states: “I am what I drink. It can refresh me and boost me up and also shout out loud my attitude.”

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BRIGHTON SODA DRINKS by Studio Blackthorns

The newest beverage sensation to make its way onto the market is Studio Blackthorns’ range of probiotic sodas. Inspired by the charming and quaint tiny houses that line the streets of Brighton, these 150 ml cans come in 10 delightful flavors, each uniquely making reference to one of these beloved bath houses. From the delicious Banana flavor to the sweet Violet & Ginger blend, these drinks are sure to please everyone with a taste for quality beverages.

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RainDrop is here to bring cheer to you, no matter what the weather is. With its vibrant flavors and colorful umbrella-styled packaging, RainDrop is an exciting way to brighten up any occasion. Each can comes with a reusable metal cocktail straw which doubles as the umbrella shaft, giving each drink a fun, unique look.

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SPECIAL ONE by Gosha Chubukin

Special One soda is a pioneering social project that seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding mental disorders among young people. The project consists of five distinct flavors, each of which has been carefully formulated to correspond with a different personality disorder. On the front of the can, users can find graphic metaphors that represent the characteristics of the disorder, such as multiple personalities represented by cherries for dissociative disorder. On the back of the can, detailed information about the disorder and its symptoms are provided, as well as an augmented reality animation with interesting facts about the condition. Additionally, users have the option of taking a test to check for early signs of personality disorders.

By using engaging visuals, informative text, and intriguing augmented reality features, Special One soda hopes to raise awareness of mental health among young people and make the subject less taboo. This innovative approach provides an accessible way to learn more about mental illness and recognize the signs in oneself or others.

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