Using five bottles of wine to interpret love is also of great philosophical significance. The inspiration for the design comes from the dark and mysterious snake flower story, where the flowers are beautiful and intimate, while the snake is cold and penetrating, expressing danger. It explores the extreme emotions about the outcome and destruction of love. What is love? We use artistic techniques to give drinkers a thousand answers.

Drink water to think of the source, love, hate, and sorrow are all expressing the ups and downs of emotions. In a sense, create five metal labels as the main visual elements of packaging, telling the beautiful story of “heart moving, attracting, expressing, holding hands, and blooming” from left to right. Further exploration, when consumers consume a wine, we create excellent brand series stories to attract young consumer groups.

The black gold open outer box allowed two bottles of wine to enter. Representing that the buyer’s heart will only intervene between two emotions, whether I just held hands or if love has already ended, this belief makes us stick to the design of these two gift boxes. The mysterious black gold is not pleasing, maintaining a low profile and creating a stunning viewing experience that will create a high stickiness consumer group for this product.