Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #111

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Derrick Lin


Welcome to the 111th issue of Packaging of the World, where we showcase the most popular and eye-catching packaging designs from around the web. We have ranked the top 10 posts based on how many views, likes, shares, and comments they received on our website and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to admire some creative work, you will love these projects. Don’t forget to sign in or create an account to share your own packaging designs with us!


MOUSEGRAPHICS thought that cosmetics are also about building things from the basics, like taking care of your skin.

MOUSEGRAPHICS chose a white color for the packaging, because it gives a feeling of calmness, purity and healing. They also added some realistic details on the surface, like cracks, textures and patterns, to represent different skin types and needs (acne, wrinkles, sun protection). These details are not too obvious or loud, but they show that the products are made for real people with real skin issues. MOUSEGRAPHICS wanted to create a balance between simplicity and personality, between perfection and imperfection.

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Mamauki Coffee House by AJAMCREATIVE

Mamauki Coffee House is a good example of how the shape of the labels, illustrations and typography can make a big difference in creating a unique and catchy brand identity that attracts consumers who want something more than just coffee. Aja Marie Johnson did an amazing job of bringing the brand to life and making it look gorgeous.

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Nike is teaming up with Desimpedidos and Camisa 21, the biggest football stars on YouTube with over 10 million fans. To welcome them to the Nike family, Elefante have created a special kit for each of them. The kit contains a pair of Air Jordans and a book by Nike’s founder Philip Knight, “Shoe Dog”, to inspire them on their journey. ELEFANTE PROJECT also crafted 12 unique steel lockers, each with a personalized sticker and a note inside, to make them feel like they belong in the dressing room.

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AUKI’s messaging goes beyond selling products. It tells stories that resonate with specific audiences and create emotional connections. AUKI does not just offer moisturizers or sales pitches. It offers a wellbeing lifestyle that opens your mind and invites you to enjoy the outdoors.

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LEECHTOWN added a layer of visual storytelling to each label, by including a smaller illustration or a “nested narrative” that reveals more about the character’s hobbies, quirks, or interests. Each label also has a catchy description or a list that highlights the personality and flavor of the sidekick. The illustrations are colorful and playful, with a touch of “wobble” to convey movement and energy.

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CREW MARKETING designed a memorable packaging that captured their warm and fun spirit and stood out in a crowded market. They used a bright and unique colour scheme to distinguish each coffee variety. CREW MARKETING also created characters based on the origin countries of their single-origin and blended coffees. These characters are not only delivering coffee, but also telling a story about Level Ground’s offerings.

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COMMERSART wanted to reflect this message of body positivity and diversity in the design concept. COMMERSART used different shapes to represent different body types, and integrated them with the typography. The idea was to show that there is no one ideal shape for a woman’s body, but rather a variety of forms that are all equally beautiful.

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What a clever and cute way to package eggs! This egg carton design by Bolimond is not only attractive and playful but also practical. The design of this egg carton is simple yet effective, using minimal materials and space to create a fun and functional product. The carton is made of recycled paper that can be easily folded and secured with a tab or handle that is shaped like a crown of a rooster and that also makes it easy to carry and store.

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The logo is based on the famous painting of the Graces by Raphael, where one of them stands in the center and the other two flank her on each side. This creates a balanced and elegant composition, which is reflected in the brand name and the number 3 in Latin script.

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Imagine a drink that can take you to the depths of your soul, where light and shadow meet. That is mezcal, a sacred spirit that has been revered for centuries by the people who craft it.

This project celebrates the beauty and mystery of mezcal, using symbols that reflect its spiritual essence. The goal is to create a stunning identity that honors the tradition and culture behind this drink, and to reclaim the meaning of these symbols from the darkness that has obscured them.

This project is more than just a design. It is a tribute to the enigmatic power of mezcal.

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