Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #117

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Derrick Lin


Get ready to be wowed! Packaging of the World’s latest issue (#117) is here, filled with the hottest packaging designs around.

This month’s top 10 picks are not just pretty faces, they’re the perfect blend of eye-catching visuals and clever engagement. These packaging designs have been lighting up Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and it’s no wonder – they’re pure inspiration for artists and packaging enthusiasts everywhere.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, join the party! Share your amazing packaging designs by signing in or creating an account. Let’s keep the creative juices flowing together!

Mel Honey by BOLIMOND

The honey’s glass bottle echoes the golden nectar dripping from the comb, a delightful preview of the deliciousness within.

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Ruffs & Cuffs perfume by ECLECTIC M

Forget boring, mass-produced scents! Ruffs & Cuffs perfumes are a conversation starter, housed in unique, figure-shaped bottles that resemble Elizabethan nobility (minus the beheadings, of course). So ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a spritz of theatrical fragrance.

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omgsogd omgsogd


Antiqued oak, cradled by iron. The packaging transforms into a timeless treasure chest, whispering tales of the brandy’s journey. Each bottle, etched with a unique number, becomes a personalized heirloom. No two are identical, reflecting the inherent individuality of this limited edition.

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Step inside and immerse yourself in a design that whispers tales of Ruse’s rich heritage. Marka Collective, the masterminds behind the eye candy, weave together vintage typography and modern flourishes, echoing the city’s evolution. Walls adorned with bespoke illustrations depict the bustling market squares and historic landmarks, while warm, earthy tones evoke the comforting embrace of a bygone era.

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Clipper by Straight Forward Design

Intriguing visuals steal the show. Playful hand-drawn illustrations of insects, flowers, and birds adorn the packaging, showcasing nature’s vibrant tapestry. A bright, natural color palette further reflects Clipper’s connection to the earth.

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Forget boring protein squares. Base Bar’s playful illustrations – think bite-sized bursts or geometric swirls – mirror the youthful energy packed within. And the colors? A kaleidoscope of vibrant hues reflects the brand’s zest for life and its adventurous spirit.

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Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey: Leap To Greatness by Leo Burnett Singapore

A determined carp, beautifully illustrated by Singaporean artist Kenn Lam, embarks on a journey echoing the 240-year legacy of Bowmore itself. Open the box, and witness its triumphant transformation into a majestic dragon – symbolizing Bowmore’s own ascent to greatness through perseverance and tradition.

The design transcends storytelling. The packaging mechanism itself becomes part of the narrative. As you slide it open, the dragon emerges, revealing the prized Bowmore Single Malt within, perfectly complementing its own tale of craftsmanship and refinement.

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Tadeo’s Cervecería Artesanal by NEV

At the heart lies Don Tadeo, the founder’s father, immortalized as a character on each label. This isn’t just a logo; it’s a window into the brand’s soul. Don Tadeo’s image, both memorable and versatile, becomes a canvas for communicating the unique story and personality of each beer.

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Bilo by Gutsulyak Studio

White canvas, impactful message. Bilo’s packaging sheds unnecessary graphics and text, maximizing white space for a clean, airy feel. Yet, it doesn’t lack personality. Typographic patterns woven from product names add a subtle, distinctive touch, categorizing lines without compromising minimalism.

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Siya Tetrapack Juices by Boor Branding Agency

Design fuels desire. Each character illustration is visually striking, bursting with color and personality. This is a powerful tool that cuts through the crowded supermarket shelf, instantly grabbing your attention and inviting you to experience the Siya magic.

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