Agency: GS
Creative Direction: Steve Radtke
Art Direction: Nick Krueger
Copywriting: Dan Hass
Illustration: Matthew Fleming
Project Type: Self Promotion
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Packaging Materials: Paperboard box, chipboard gameboard and play pieces

Childhood boardgame meets treachery and betrayal in the 2015 GS holiday promo, Slides of March. This fun, challenging – and, yes, dark – update to the childhood classic sends players on an epic quest to assassinate Caesar. Each takes on the role of a Roman senator and follows a twisted path to regicide. One with multiple opportunities for treachery along the way. Land on another player’s space and send the unfortunate soul to the Underworld with a swift stab in the back. Land on Betray and switch places with another player. Land on Arena and battle to the death. Or stumble onto the dreaded slide and follow it down to the very depths of hell. Gather your friends. Roll the die. Show no mercy. Expect none. Kill Caesar and triumph! To the victor go the spoils. Bona fortuna.

What’s Unique?
Tried and true execution of classic boardgames structure. GS really focussed on the details of production down to the fabric back of the gameboard to the weight and sheen of the coated chipboard playing pieces.