De Caña Panela

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Gabriela Dule
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Meisel Fine Goods GmbH
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Packaging Contents: Sugar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic, Cork

DE CAÑA PANELA is an unrefined sugar, 100% organic from the highlands of the Colombian Andes, recognized for its unique caramel flavor, fine grain texture, beautiful golden color, vitamins and minerals of the sugarcane plant which remain in the final product, due to the natural production. Panela is the second largest source of income in the Colombian agriculture after coffee.

The typographical logo design emphasizes to the product itself, while the symbols is a stamp that represents the quality and the origin of DE CAÑA PANELA.

The packaging design combines a characteristic warm color that is used in traditional, antique buildings of Colombia with outline handmade illustrations of sugarcane plants.