Villa Sammichele

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Designer: Alvarez Juana
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Villa Sammichele
Location: Firenze, Italy
Packaging Contents: Pasta, gluten free pasta, pasta sauce, vegan pasta sauce, organic pasta sauce, jam, biscuits, olive oil, flavour olive oil
Packaging Materials: Plastic, paper, glass

Villa Sammichele wants to familiarize the world with the quality products which symbolize the excellence of the Made in Italy food.

This products that have become ambassadors of Italian food in the world, through tastes and smells that evoke their identity and the discovery of the local good food.

Villa Sammichele was born in the heart of Tuscany in Florence, where art in the reflection of its beauty was the inspiring muse of the culinary masterpieces that today we have the honor to bring to your table.

The design:
For the packaging we have use and old map of the city of Florence, this is the image that connects every single product, by changing the color of the pattern we where able to represent different flavours and typologies of food.

The logo represents the villa where this brand has been born, through this door you can enter this amazing Italian universe full with quality and flavour.

What’s Unique?
The product itself is unique, each ingredient is 100% produce in Italy. The brand supports local producers and search to make them grow by selling their products all around the world. The packaging reflects this traditional essence of Florence cultural heritage, not only in the fields of art but in the culinary as well.