Creative Agency: Getbrand
Creative directors: Andrey Gornov, Lina Nazyrova
Creative designers: Julia Zimovets, Anastasia Golovina
Art director: Alena Pankratova
Illustrator: Pavel Pavlov
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Aqualife
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Lemonade
Packaging Materials: Glass bottle, aluminium can

Baikal is a well-known classic Russian lemonade. The original receipt was invented in 1977 and the company producer owes the receipt since then.

The agency’s objective was to restore the old Baikal image and to give it a fresh look appealing to the youngsters.

So we kept the key elements – colors, illustration that gave design a rather vintage look.

Typography was handwritten in a retro-style. Design gained bright distinctive bright blue ribbon.

The illustration was redrawn but authentic style was kept. This approach let us keep the connection with original lemonade and to prove it authenticity as well as let the youngsters open new Baikal like an “new old” refreshing beverage.