WhittleWood Craft Brewery

Derrick Lin


Designer: Christi du Toit
Packaging Content: Beer
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as this beautiful planet we call home, it’s an ice cold, refreshing beer (or three) after a long day’s work.

WhittleWood is a craft brewery that marries these two elements in a harmonious manner. All bottles are recycled, all inks used in the printing process are organic, and the production process utilises environmentally friendly methods wherever possible.

I worked on a series of illustrated beer labels for the brand. The illustrations are hand drawn to suit the general look and feel of the company. Similarly, the logo and all the typography (apart from the small copy) was hand-lettered to continue the gritty, perfectly imperfect aesthetic throughout.

The first range of WhittleWood products boasts a selection of three lovingly crafted brews based on three often-overlooked woodland critters, catering for beer enthusiasts with a variety of preference. The light Honey Bee blonde ale, the bitter Buckeye Butterfly IPA, and the dark Black Widow porter.

In addition to the illustrated labels, three sets of limited edition posters were created for the launch party, all proceeds of which went to the preservation of the local woodlands.