Calm & Stormy



Company: Quest Beverages
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Sparkling Mineral Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Can

Calm & Stormy Sparkling Mineral Water was born from our quest to change the future of beverages. We aim to help people live a healthier lifestyle by providing better-for-you drinks. We aim to help the planet by using more eco-friendly packaging.

We source our pristine Australian Spring Water from deep beneath a dormant volcano, in the central highlands of Victoria. During a 30 year journey, rain water filters through volcanic rock, becoming infused with natural minerals. For our fruit juice blends, we source locally grown fruit; Blood Orange from Griffith, Tasmanian Raspberry from the Derwent Valley and Pink Lady Apple from Officer.

We package our mineral water in a tall slimline 300ml can for the environmental benefits and for a better consumer drinking experience. Aluminium cans have a much higher recycling rate than plastic and can be infinitely recycled. In fact, 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in circulation today. In turn, we avoid using nasty plastic bottles that are polluting our planet. Cans also have the benefit of cooling down quicker, staying cold longer and retaining the carbonation for longer.

Calm & Stormy delivers a design and product that stands out in the crowd. Presented in a matte black and pastel colours, a tall slimline can, with minimalistic graphics reversed out to subtly reveal the natural aluminium beneath. The back of the can educates consumers on the unique quality and source of our spring water through a short but engaging story. The benefits of using cans is communicated creatively through the use of simple icons.

What’s Unique?
There are no other waters in an aluminium can in Australia. Our original mineral water variety is in a black can which is polar opposites to competitors in the category, that use clear plastic bottles, mountain imagery and lots of blue.