HACHEZ Christmas Edition 2018

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Design: Peter Schmidt Group
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Bremer HACHEZ Chocolade
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Time change, customs evolve. The way we see the world today is different than fifty or a hundred years ago. That’s normal –and it’s true of Christmas, too. For our grandparents Christmas was a quiet, contemplative holiday, where the whole family gathered in one place. Old and young celebrated together, and they enjoyed – or at least wished for – an opulent meal. What about today? Is everything different now? Yes and no.

Traditional values are as current as ever – but they are being reinterpreted. We celebrate with family, but also with friends. Nowadays the meal doesn’t have to be roast goose or turkey, but people still want to gather around the table and enjoy good times and high spirits. We exchange gifts, but above all we value the special moments we share. So if everything has changed, why does Christmas chocolate still the same as it did in grandmother’s day? A fair question. And that’s exactly why we have given chocolate a new look. For the Bremen chocolate manufacturer Hachez, we developed a modern Christmas Edition in 2018: an assortment ranging from the chocolate Santa Claus to seasonal specialties and an Advent calendar.

The packaging, inspired by the fashion industry, features the typical patterns and colors of the preppy look. Brief messages allude to well-known Christmas songs and invoke a festive, winter mood that makes you want to sing along. Why not a chocolate Santa Claus in a college jacket and Burlington socks? Our Advent calendars are elegant without appearing too feminine: no kitsch, no reindeer, no snowflakes.

What’s Unique?
These chocolates let Hachez stand out from the competition in an era when people celebrate Christmas their own way, free from traditional conventions.