Cavallum – the wine-lamp box

Derrick Lin


Company: Ciclus
Design: Tati Guimarães
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine & Spirits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood and Cardboard
Printing Process: Silk screen and laser printing

Cavallum is a wine box that becomes an elegant table lamp.

Cavallum is the first packaging in the world with a second life. It was selected by Global Innovation Report 2009 as a pioneer in this concept. This year Cavallum turns 10 years and still most contemporary than ever. When I designed Cavallum, the choice of materials was based on sustainable criteria, adjusting to the functionality, durability, elegance of the product and, also prolonging its useful life. Cavallum was designed to fulfil a marketing objective: a sustainable and innovative corporate gift for a Spanish company, but also to evoke a reflection and an emotion. Today, in 2019, that combination is more alive than ever.

Chosen as one of the 9 most innovative products in the world by global Innovation Report 2009 for being the first packaging in the world with a second life. Inspired by the Cavallum, a whole generation of packagings with “second life” was born.

100% cyclical:
Cavallum goes beyond recycling, it is a 100% sustainable product: it respects the environment, optimizes resources to the maximum and takes into account its entire life cycle. 70% of the packaging becomes a lamp and 95% of its components are 100% biodegradable.

Emotion and experience.:
Cavallum goes beyond functionality. Interacts with the user, excites and promotes a unique experience through its design.

Always contemporary:
Cavallum lingers in time. His concept is so powerful that, over the years, it continues to delight and breathe freshness and elegance.

Social transformation:
Cavallum promotes sustainability through creativity to cause a new way of thinking and acting of people.