Agency: Owl Design Labs
Creative Director: Nithin Soman
Location: India
Project Type: Soon to be produced
Client: WonderWild
Packaging Contents: Clubsoda
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium, Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

WonderWild is a brand that focuses on exploring the youth’s life and provides them with unsurpassed products. They are launching their clubsoda and a variety of sparkling beverages soon. In the future, the company plans to bring several other products required by today and future generation.

The company was in search of some unique name. They were not happy with their brand name and thus they have approached us for naming their brand as well as brand identity. Keeping in mind, the company’s goal of exploring nature and delivering products that satiate the wild souls, WonderWild came into existence. The name was coined after a lot of research. The words ‘Wonder’ which means a curious desire to explore the nature and ‘Wild’ which means unrestrained spirit blended together to bring a new meaning to the brand.

We created a logo for WonderWild keeping in mind youthful, forward and bold elements to bring a new brand to life. Our goal was to create a strong and memorable logo to resonate with the youthful audience looking for something different and unique.

The ‘W’ in ‘Wonder’ is a memorable and meaningful visual metaphor. The implementation of a symbolic representation of grass is associated with the concept of life. The clean, hard and angular lines of ‘WILD’ compliment the straight-forward mind of the youth. The logo creates the right impression and setting up customer expectations for a unique experience.

The packaging design tells a story, creates an impression and evokes the consumers for unique product experience. Minimal and bold colors in the design connect with the target audience. The packaging is handcrafted representing the company’s perspective.