Traditional Chikki (Peanut Candy)

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Derrick Lin


Design: Springboard Digital
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Red Foodz
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Peanut candy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Poly pack
Printing Process: Gravure


Chikkis have long been on the list of our country’s traditional snacks that have been relished for generations. Earlier, they weren’t sold in packages or sachets. Instead, they were sold in small kirana stores/ petti kadais, where they would be stacked inside glass jars. The shopkeeper usually takes the chikkis from the jar and pack them in a sheet of old newspaper before offering us.

Sometimes we ourselves take them enthusiastically from the jars. This nostalgic memory of buying chikkis in a typical Indian neighborhood formed the core idea of Red Foods’ package design.

The love for chikkis and the memories of the good old days helped us to coin the idea of “A jar full of emotions”, which in turn became the underpinning for the logo of Red Foods.

We chose the sachet model since the chikkis of this brand comes as rectangular and square bars. Instead of placing a picture of the product in the package, we placed a sketch of a jar on the front, whose body is transparent, letting the buyer see the actual chikki within the jar figure. We placed a heart shape in the middle of the see-through part of the package to convey the love for our traditional chikkis.

Since our goal is to appreciate the memories of buying chikkis, stored in glass jars, in kirana stores, we positioned the brand with a message “Good is back”.

The package design gave the audience a chance to look at the product while they purchase it, as well as, a nostalgic feeling of picking chikkis from glass jars.