Uku Peruvian Soul

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Derrick Lin


Design: Vedoble Estudio
Location: Peru
Project Type: Produced
Client: Taste of Peru
Product Launch Location: Denmark
Packaging Contents: Chili paste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset

Uku is a Peruvian brand of chili paste created for European market. First entered Denmark and within only a few months it also ventured into Germany.

We had to give life this great brand by designing the strategy naming, visual identity and graphic system. The challenge was to design a brand that captures the essence of Peruvian culture and, at the same time, would be an attractive product for consumers.

Because of the gastronomic boom and the great reception of Peruvian food in the world, Taste of Peru, a Peruvian-Danish Company, decided to create a chili paste brand aimed at professional and amateur chefs who like Peruvian cuisine. Chili paste is the basis of this cuisine; they become an essential ingredient in lomo saltado or ceviche.

Uku was born with a solid value proposition based on being a product made from pure chili pepper, making it a superior product. Also it has the authority to present itself as a product with 100% Peruvian roots.

For the research we immerse ourselves in the Peruvian culture focusing on the gastronomy origins and where do the chili pepper comes from. This is how we discovered the Uku Pacha legend. The story goes that in Inca mythology the underworld was called Uku Pacha. A place that began just below the earth’s surface and extended to the depths of the sea. Chili pepper, like potatoes and yucca, are grown on the ground or rather in Uku Pacha. Thus the name Uku was born. Only the meaning of the name is able to impregnate the brand of inca culture mystique. Uku was made from ingredients that come from the earth and from Uku Pacha. Uku represents that mixture. Its rigid-gothic typography is a graphic reference and reverence to the stones that were the basis of Inca architecture. The folkloric style of bright colors represents Peru of the Incas and Peru today, because it was used in Inca looms and clothing especially polleras (a typical Andean skirt).

The packaging is a perfect representation of all these elements. The final result is a brand with a solid Peruvian roots identity, with mysticism and passion.

Uku has the strength to awake your senses and make you feel like you are in Peru.

The concept is unique an so different for Denmark market. Chili paste it´s a generic product in Peru, also you could buy it in every market place without a brand. Entering the European market with a generic product implied the development of a brand that connects with the public through the Peruvian attributes Uku has a solid brand proposition based on the mystique of Peruvian culture which is reflected in your name and visual identity.