Amber & Flint

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Design: Sakshi Mangudkar
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: UnitedWorld Institute of Design
Packaging Contents: Bath Bombs & Bath Salts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Cork, Paperboard

AMBER + FLINT is a brand that sells personal care products like bath bombs and bath salts. Inspired by nature, it focuses on manufacturing organic and natural products with sustainable packaging.

The form is a dual packaging design which features a large hexagon box with 6 bath bombs. Inside, there’s a smaller hexagon with 2 bath salts embedded in it. Material: Textured paperboard box, cylindrical glass tubes for bath salts with cork as lid, paper used as protective material for base.

This type of packaging enables 2 products to be packaged together without the risk of damage along with an innovation in the design and form. The bath bombs are wrapped in a long strip of paper with their names printed on it. The bath salts are packaged in a cylindrical glass tube with a cork lid.

What’s Unique?
Most bath bomb packaging cannot be used after the life of the product is over. As this packaging has a sturdy form, the box can be used to store other household things as well. The glass tubes and corks of the bath salts can be repurposed into decorations.