Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Dairy products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, plastic

About the project
“Nalchik Dairy Plant” is one of the leading enterprises in the republic for milk processing. The enterprise was commissioned in 2000. Milk processing capacity is 300 tons per day.

A task
The Novaya Derevnya brand from the Nalchik Dairy Plant was developed a long time ago, but it was not very noticeable on the shelf with modern dairy products on the retail shelf.

Due to its origin (dairy products of the Elbrus region) and due to the registered name, the brand had a high potential, which in the past design was not fully realized. There was a need to update the design, make it more effective, and clearly convey the benefits of products and brands. The design should be relevant to the modern young city dweller, stylish and at the same time understandable to a wide audience, leaving the impression of a potential market leader.

The new positioning is based on the unique nature of the Elbrus region and modern technologies for preserving naturalness.

The products of the brand Novaya Derevnya are manufactured in Kabardino-Balkaria. The Elbrus region is rich in juicy fragrant herbs such as alpine violet, edelweiss, primrose, wormwood, bellflower and hundreds of others. This is the basis of the diet of cows that freely graze in open spaces, drink running water and breathe the mountain air. All this makes milk from the Elbrus region not only delicious, but also the most useful.

The new logo uses a typeface that helps make it look more modern. Above the letter “B” there are two-peaked summit of Elbrus appeared. The letter “N” has a certain element, which contains a reference to the Karachai-Circassian writing.

The blue background of the logo gives a sense of freshness of nature and dairy products.

A diagonal is used in the design, highlighting the product on the shelf and dividing the packaging into two parts – the brand area and the product area. The brand area has a clear positioning – a special taste of milk from the Elbrus region. The juicy blue color combined with the nature of the Elbrus region – two snow-capped peaks and a lush flooded meadow creates a feeling of freshness and originality, which was not in the past design.

Much attention is paid to food zones: a glass of selected fresh milk, sour cream with herbs and onions, an appetizing sandwich against the backdrop of nature – all this gives a sense of taste and looks very impressive.

In addition to the color blue, we have used color differentiation, thanks to which you can easily find the right product.

We have completely redesigned the approach to this brand, using new techniques and appealing to a new audience, but at the same time retaining the impression of traditional dairy products and broadcasting the value of fresh and tasty milk from the Elbrus region, the most beautiful and cleanest corner of Russia with a unique landscape and environment.

We hope that the brand Novaya Derevnya will soon conquer retail and provide the manufacturer with a greater frequency of purchases, which means that our client will receive more gross revenue.

Novaya Derevnya – is a high quality natural and environmentally friendly product from the Elbrus region, giving a feeling of comfort and peace of mind from closeness to nature.