Morillas Branding

Redefining the cannabis experience

Republic Technologies is the global leader in the cigarette rolling paper manufacturing industry where, for over 170 years they had capitalised on the “Roll Your Own” market under its most recognised and valuable brand, OCB.

Following the acquisition of ROOR – an icon of the cannabis industry and glass pipes – the company was determined to also conquer the alternative market, an ever-growing segment that is now associated with a sophisticated and aspirational lifestyle.

Growing means innovating, so Republic Technologies set Morillas an unprecedented challenge: to create a relevant and differentiated cigarette paper brand that would allow them to reach a new consumer profile and become a key player in the alternative market, a segment that until now had been capitalised on by other brands.

Far from being inspired by recurring codes typical of the category, we sought a disruptive language that would legitimise and give visibility to the cannasseur: a demanding and sybarite consumer who seeks a paper of the highest quality to complete a sublime smoking experience.

That is how we achieved the concept of ‘experience the highest’, as Roor aimed to engineer a captivating universe of sensations for the consumers when experiencing their products. A brand that, like cannabis, allows them to express their personality and philosophy of life to the highest degree.

The project reflects this way of being through a bold and powerful graphic language inspired by 60’s psychedelia and 90’s acid graphics. The sense of freedom and a deliberate ingenuity in our approach to graphics is what makes the ROOR universe so pure, fresh, and enduring. A carefully designed paper brand, the first to integrate CBD into its fibres, that elevates the cannabis experience to a ritual of the highest quality related to creativity, self-expression, and free thinking.

Morillas Branding


Agency: Morillas Branding

Advertising agency: Road Publicidad

Photography: Joan Argelés 

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