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Hey, fellow packaging design fans! Let’s dive into the exciting world of Packaging of the World’s top 10 posts for the issue of #112. This selection is truly special because it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the magic these designs have sparked in the hearts of people worldwide.

Now, what’s really unique about this collection is how it’s a perfect blend of creativity and engagement. These designs didn’t just capture attention; they ignited a wildfire of excitement and inspiration across various platforms like InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. It’s like they formed a design revolution, drawing in designers and enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

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Ori Solutions by Vũ Digital

The magic happened when VŨ DIGITAL blended digital art and nature to create eye-catching abstract paintings that screamed “Nature’s BFF.” This fresh design approach totally nailed their brand identity and made their packaging stand out in the crowd.

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Pockeat Meal by Liubov Volkova

The genius behind it all came up with the name “Pockeat”—how clever is that? It’s a blend of “pocket” and “eat,” and it totally captures the idea of having all your essential nutrients at hand, anytime, anywhere.

The packaging design rocks too! Simple geometric elements represent the nutrients, giving it a modern and sophisticated look. Imagine spotting this little treasure trove of health on the shelves—it’s like a magnet for health-conscious young folks.

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Freja Natural Norwegian Bone Broth by The Collaborators

The Collaborators also worked their magic on the brand’s style. They gave Freja a minimal, bright, and happily Scandi look that stands out both on-screen and on the shelf. The packaging is light, simple, and features quirky Nordic-inspired illustrations that cue flavor.

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HumTree by Studio Ping Pong

Studio Ping Pong teamed up with HumTree to bring their story to life. They nailed it with the brand name and identity for their honey. “Hum” comes from the Hindi word for ‘us’ and the sound of bees, while “Tree” reflects their commitment to nature-friendly practices. Such a perfect harmony!

The packaging is a work of art too. Hand-drawn motifs and illustrations inspired by nature showcase the flora and fauna that HumTree stands for. And guess what? They put the people of HumTree at the center of it all—making it a real community affair.

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Gin Philosophy by Studio Dolphins

Studio Dolphins took inspiration from ancient Greek columns, but added a modern twist, creating a perfect blend of the past and present. The result? A spirit that embodies Greek philosophy and traditions, all wrapped up in a stunning package.

You won’t miss this bottle on the shelf! The classical column, contemporary typography, and minimalist colors come together in a captivating way. Not only does it look fabulous, but it also reflects the brand’s dedication to crafting top-notch gin with natural ingredients while embracing tradition and innovation.

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HiRaw! rebrand by M — N Associates

The guiding principle is “Deliciously Raw for All,” celebrating the love, joy, and uniqueness of dogs and cats. With that in mind, M — N Associates crafted a brand identity that captures the playfulness and affection of pets.

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Lifeup by Flov Branding Studio

Flov Branding Studio wanted to highlight the natural and professional quality of their ingredients. They went with minimalist packaging featuring abstract, organic shapes. And here’s the cool part: the raised elements on the packaging show what each product does. Like, the energy one has a zap, and the immunity one has a shield. How clever is that?

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Clandestino 7 Mezcal by Hi Estudio

Hi Estudio took inspiration from the prohibition era in Mexico, where liquor was transported in barrels marked with the number 7. The design of Clandestino 7 breaks away from the traditional mezcal themes and goes for a modern, edgy look – a visual invitation to explore the unknown, diving into a world of transgression and key messages.

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Captain Hömpsy by Visually Tasty

The bottle is shaped like a water drop, flowing with pure and refreshing aqua vitae and the decorative embossing creates this mesmerizing effect—it’s like the liquid is flowing right before your eyes. Guess what? Under the secondary label, there’s a hidden gem—a fully functional sundial! Timekeeping has never been so whimsical and adventurous!

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Terry Sent Me! by Define

Define came up with the name ‘Terry Sent Me!’—intriguing, right? It’s like a secret code to an exclusive club of excitement and mystery. Just saying those words takes you back to the thrilling 1930s, where speakeasies and hidden privileges were the norm.

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