The Exploration Project

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Pulsum Brands
Project Director: JP Arévalo Gillade
Art Director: María Gioconda Peña
Copy Director: Javier Peña
Project Type: Concept
Location: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Packaging Contents: Water
Packaging Materials: Glass

We are nomads, we explore our environment in the search of new opportunities; There´re some who think that we make it only to survive, but we know that we make it because is it in our nature to go beyond our limits.

Humanity travels with ships, trains and airplanes, we took big steps to discover our world, but the real adventure started when we took the “giant leap”. The tireless “human will” has expanded our horizons to infinite, and make our world something much bigger than our planet.

We not just found water on Mars, we found our destiny, reaching it is the declaration of the human power, the manifesto of our strength, of our intellect, and the passion that make always go further.

We design 2 bottles commemorating the Nasa announcement on September 28 of 2015. Each bottle has a distinctive symbol representing the planet where the water is taken from, we imagine it as symbols of an ancient civilization that left this gift behind for us, the prize for our journey, the prize for our will.