Derrick Lin


Thanks to Allison of BULLFROG & BAUM for sending in this sleek and sexy packaging.

Thanks largely to the commitment and creativity of Tanteo Spirits’ Creative Director and co-founder, Lincoln Mayne; the look of Tanteo speaks volumes about the special tequila it represents. Fundamentally, Tanteo’s content dictates its form. The natural flavor-infused tequila has both the allure of urban chic — born from its roots in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood — and a reverence for the long-standing traditions of Mexico’s national spirit.

The Australian-born Mayne brings his award-winning background in both graphic and fashion design to his work on Tanteo. The bottle’s modern shape evokes sensuality through its subtle curves.

The logo, also created by Mayne, is again a blend of traditional and modern design. With its handwritten lettering and splattered ink blots, it presents a handcrafted, artisan feel, while ghost-written lettering and subtle variations of blue shades give it a sophisticated, contemporary air.