Tang Juice (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


The highlight for this package designer Diego Aguilar, this totally ahead of the market today offers this segment, giving full emphasis to the flavor and quality of the product, transmitting the sensation of fruit picked straight from the orchard. The black represents color codes exclusivity, treating this as a premium product.

Designed by Diego Aguilar (Student Work).

  1. The fruits images doesn't look so good, he should have spend some more time working on these pictures and the design it is nothing special at all..

  2. Esta embalagem realmente ficou incrivel, super diferente e moderna. Fica a dica para a Tang produzir um produto com sabor diferenciado, mais proximo da fruta, e com embalagem sofisticada.

  3. Dear Christy Correll,

    There is plenty of ways to make an image "pop" off the packaging. So here are my tips for you:
    1st (Best One): hire a good photograper to take the shot, your work will add a lot on the images;
    2nd: There is a software called photoshop that can make pictures look better than it really is, if you have a small budget or you are a student you can find plenty of free tutorials on the web to help you.

    I hope I helped you out! 🙂

    PS: As I google the product I can see it is from Brazil, I just do not undersatanding why you guys keeping pushing it, it is not that good, the same as "Sinha" packs. As a guy commented before on Sinha I think it suits this work as well "dont try to compensate with words what you couldnt do with desing"

    Anyway don't take it too serious it is just one men's opinion.

  4. Hello Dennis C.
    Thanks for the comment, when did the thought of something different images, images without treatment, the perfect world without fantasy, without photoshop, pesticide-free fruit, fruit that meets our daily lives.

  5. Christy,
    Making the fruits / image pop needs contrast of, for this instance, fruit ( a lighter element) and shadow ( a darker element).

  6. Dear Diego,
    I think you are being a bit naive and this real world that you are painting does not make any sense, especially when you are selling an artificial powder. I am not saying that your work is bad, from my point of view it is nothing special.
    Adverts, designs and all this communication tools are about beauty and fantasy, people do not buy real world. I don’t want see a sad face on my butter package just because we usually are in a bad mood when we wake up early in the morning.
    I think it is good your arguments about what and why you’ve done but you must have the right answers when people start questioning “why?” , because if you not they will let you down.
    Anyway I learned more from people who critiqued my work than from people who said that I was great.
    Good luck on your carrier, and I hope you understanding my constructive critique.

  7. Hello Denis,

    in response to feedback, just have to thank, as you said just have to learn from criticism, and was not trying to justify the processing of images not only thought q was not necessary.


  8. I am sorry, but anyone who knows the brand Tang can imagine that this packaging would never sell… specially in Brazil.
    The execution is good, but this project would never work in the real life.
    Can you imagine the response of the public on a research?

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