ACUSHLA Organic Olive Oil

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Acushla, SA, Portugal.

ACUSHLA is a refined olive oil, dedicated to a contemporary consumer, who searches for excellence standards at the table. The olive oil, a mandatory presence in most Mediterranean dishes, is one of greatest riches the land can give us.

Produced with passion and respecting the traditional cultures of the region, as far as organic farming is concerned, this olive oil conveys sensational flavors, which deep down are the result of how everything was born, from the strength of an impulse, from a will to develop a distinct product that will be as cherished by the consumers as it is by the producers.

The choice of the can as packaging meets environmental concerns, since it is an easily recyclable material.

This packaging is also the most suitable to block sun light (main cause of olive oil oxidation) and has the advantage of facilitating transport and storage.

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