Designed by Annie Chou, Robert Joel Cortez, Fiona McDougall, Wild Eye Designs, United States.

Wink™ is a fresh and young product line under the parent company Wild Eye Designs™, a leading edge designer and wholesale manufacturer in the Gift and Tableware industry. Wink™ is an opportunity to lighten up entertaining and have some fun with your guests. It’s quirky, innovative, and just cheeky enough to put a smile on anyone’s face…the cooking is really secondary.

Each product has a unique story that coincides with the brands vision. The packaging is meant to be as sassy as the products themselves. Bright, bold and attractive colors were used to capture consumers’ attention to the product. Pattern was applied to the sides of the package to communicate the product’s metaphor, while simple hand-drawn line art complemented the cheeky copywriting and product names. Taking everyday objects and transforming the consumers experience in a different way is Wink™, and this comes to life through packaging.

The team of designers at Wild Eye Designs truly created a packaging system that allows Wink™ products to be unified as the scope of the brand continues to grow.