Designed by Garrofé Brand & Pack, Spain.

The leading company in software of management Sage has trusted to Garrofé Brand&Pack the re-design of the packaging of its products, as part of its managerial strategy of innovation and of clear differentiation with regard to its competition.

Sage’s managerial motto, “passion for the software”, was not leaving place to doubts at the moment of raising the restyling: it was necessary to create a family of attractive packaging, able to differentiate the lines of products and to emphasize the own values of the brand: simplicity, agility, integrity and confidence, besides a deep respect for the environment.

Adding the Sage’s “passion for the software” and the offer of Garrofé Brand&Pack’s new formats, an unsurpassable result has been obtained: a complete series of innovative packaging, with a unified image but, at the same time, differentiated by product groups, Thanks to this exposition, the new packaging supposes an experience for the client. Far from being mere “silent sellers”, the new packaging are the most important tools helping the user to choose and to reaffirm his decision of purchase, making him perfectly knowledgeable and conscious of the product, which acquires and reinforcing in addition Sage’s leadership in its segment of market.

With the aim to give the maximum information to the client, to help him in the process of purchase, Garrofé Brand&Pack has arranged the universe of Sage products, which has several categories and subcategories, identifying each of them by means of a type of packaging and a chromatic code according to the presentations and the recommended retail price.

On the other hand, given the great importance that the client grants to the environmental preservation, the packaging have reduced its size notably and there has been use recycled papers for its production, guaranteeing this way an important saving of material and of space in the linear one of sale. To reduce the packaging was a risky decision, because of the standardization of sizes that rules the current market. Only a company like Sage could do it, because the leaders always stand out for their great capacity of risk and innovation.

As result, the new packaging, more than thirty in total, have the power to guarantee the leader’s image of Sage and of separating it from a competition that continues using packaging of great size in relation to the content. For its elegant, coherent image and even transgressor, the re-design realized by Garrofé Brand&Pack for Sage has the aptitude to strike on the point of sale and also on the final consumer.