Designed by ARC’S, Italy.

ARC’S has been involved by Motta, the Italian original inventor of “Panettone”, to realize an Easter firstling with an elegant, premium yet accessible design for a young target. Sense of taste and human touch have been the main drivers for the accomplishment.

Motta is an Italian historical and innovative brand at the same time. Always successful in creating “legendary products” such as Mottarello, the first ice cream on a stick or the first Panettone, a traditional cake in Italy. Motta is definitely a forerunner still signing special products with the same original recipe: care and attention for quality with a touch of innovation.

Creating a design and naming for the new product’s range: a new kind of cake for Easter in terms of dimensions and ingredients. The challenge was creating a sophisticated yet accessible design, a premium pack with a bit of human touch.

Motta loves Colombina is a tasty special recipe with a stylish graphic design, combining refined and modern elements.
The photographic visual is comfortably blended with the graphics. The “Loves” element enhances the emotional appeal of the product, calling back a popular yet elegant voice from the brand.

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