SHOTT Beverages Gift Packs

Derrick Lin


Designed by SHOTT Beverages, New Zealand.

SHOTT Beverages has rethought the packaging of its new 250 ml gift range to put flavour full frontal.

When the concept of the new pack was first mooted, the intention was to offer consumers the chance to sample several flavours of the popular handcrafted fruit syrups. But how many? With 30 flavours in the complete range, SHOTT needed a pack that would do justice to the brand’s huge variety, and at the same time meet the strict size restrictions imposed by supermarkets and
retailers. After much discussion, it was agreed that five boxes carrying three flavours each would meet the strict size restrictions, and showcase the diversity of flavours that SHOTT consumers would be looking for.

SHOTT’s distinctive, tall glass bottles and elongated slim labels are integral to the company’s brand but so often, the packaging for such products places the emphasis on the outside box at the expense of revealing the real goodness and story of what’s inside. Conventional corrugated windowed boxes are functional but would fail to do justice to the promise of bold colours and
powerful flavours that are SHOTT’s trademark experiences. Corrugated card also didn’t offer a sharp printing surface, and there was a distinct lack of stocks to choose from.

SHOTT recognised they needed to take the packaging of their gift boxes in a new direction. The design had to emphasise to the drinks themselves and serve as an active backdrop for the company’s distinctive bottles, labels and branding.

So SHOTT opted for a housing that is more cavity than cover, with minimalist walls highly engineered for strength and maximum view of the contents. The cap and base of the bottles slot into the top and bottom walls. And because the elongated glass bottles need more support than just the cardboard to ensure they stay secure and safe, a custom- sculpted E Flute fitting was
developed to slip easily into the cavity wall during assembly.

The final touch to lift the design so that it looks suitably sleek at first glance has been to add an interlocking, backing sheet that further boosts the pack’s overall integrity, allowing the product to withstand potentially rough handling during shipping.

To encourage consumers to try the new packs, SHOTT themed the new offerings around emotions and gave each pack a distinctive identity and color coding system. Revive Hot Fruit Syrups were coded red. Stimulate Café Syrups were coloured, yes, coffee. Indulge Fruit Syrups, lime green; Celebrate Cocktail Syrups, purple; and finally Soothe Manuka Honey Syrups, yellow.

The packaging solution doesn’t just do justice for the flavour-packed products, the beautifully crafted boxes are also amazingly practical. They can be assembled quickly, in under 30 seconds – making them cost effective to produce on the production line.

SHOTT’s new gift packs are the company’s first foray into the gift market. Using lateral thinking and discreetly strong construction they are both an original and a highly appropriate way to present the big flavours of SHOTT’s extraordinary real syrups.