Clear Coat Protective Film (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by DZINE MAFIA, United Kingdom.

The final result (concept only) is very different from the existing Clear Coat packaging. It’s freshened it up, given it a bold look on shelf and a premium feel in the unpacking process. The design uses a shield graphic that really sums up what Clear Coat is all about – a strong, protective defense that will take all the cuts and scratches you can throw at it to safeguard your device.

The packaging concept shows this in a contemporary graphic style, with two dynamically curved shapes overlapping to create a shield that encompasses and protects the illustration of the device. The information is kept minimal allowing the eye-catching green arrowhead to stand off the white background, creating a strong and daring brand look that jumps off the shelf. Clear, bespoke instructions along with a QR code to an instruction video give the consumer a friendly and considered feel, instilling the thought that as the product is presented well, so it will act well.

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