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Designed by P.E.T. Engineering, Italy.


Heineken requested P.E.T. Engineering the re-launch of Silva, the most known Romanian beer brand. The main idea was to create a packaging that could confirm its “premium” identity without losing the scents of the lands where the product comes from, the legendary Transylvania. Aesthetics, functionality and cultural roots all-in-one package.

The new Silva is a fusion of tradition and modernity “made in Transylvania”. The connection with the history of the region can be seen in the big logo which recalls the coat of arms, with the bird heading the west and its broad wings. Its contemporary state finds a place in the unusual and innovative shape, with a guaranteed shelf-appeal.

But that’s not all: with a daring interpretation, P.E.T. Engineering broke the standards that have guided the way of creating PET beer packaging so far. On the basis of a really innovative concept, P.E.T. Engineering wanted to evoke this particular place through the shape of the bottle. So here it is a container, elegantly tapered in the center, which recalls the sweetness of the Transylvanian countryside, where the hills flow wide and deep in the plains.

Labels are studied to emphasize the nobility of the product: one on the neck and an extremely thin one on the bottom of the bottle.
An elegant quality brand, symbol of the Romanian excellence, recognized both at home and abroad.