Oregano Systems Shipping Box

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Designed by Gerlinde Gruber, Austria.

The Oregano-Box is an elegantly styled and simple alternative to common packagings for electronic components. This packaging combines visual claims with great protection.

The box meets the following requirements:
1.) one single packaging solution for 3 different sized modules (60x120mm bis 100×160 mm)
2.) high level on stability for protecting the devices during shipping, no extra foam material is needed
3.) easy to assemble
4.) can be plain stored
5.) high value according to the quality of the products
6.) clear, strong design
7.) high recognition value at trade shows
8.) space for an optional USB-Stick in a prominent place

The electronic device is shockproof packed, because it’s centered and floating in the box.
The device is wrapped with an ESD-High-Shield bubble bag.

No closure is needed, because it is shipped in a green metallic bubble bag.