Thymes Studio Collection



Agency: Cue
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: United States

A founding brand in the botanical fragrance industry, Thymes saw an opportunity to introduce a new line of bath and body products that would appeal to a broad audience of fragrance enthusiasts. Meant to inspire discovery, the Studio collection offers a fresh, contemporary presence while also supporting Thymes’ credentials as artisans of fine fragrance.

Thymes products are created to be beautiful, an invitation to discover beauty in everyday life. The Studio Collection features six fragrances inspired by botanicals and rooted in nature. Each fragrance collection is designed to marry familiarity with intrigue, and is presented in a line of products crafted with a touch of charm.

To better understand what makes their products special, we talked to Thymes management, stakeholders, fragrance experts and product representatives. Their insights helped us develop a clear strategy which inspired design of a new packaging system.

Our goal was to elevate the presentation of Thymes products – refreshed, modern and strongly branded – with a system that would work across an evolving line of unique fragrances. The Thymes “T” serves as a unifying design element that also strengthens the brand’s presence. The “T” is diecut to show the pattern underneath, revealing each fragrance collection’s personality.

The new look and feel influenced packaging materials, product details, retail display and more.