Designers: Elie Nehme and Narae Kim (Artifact founders)
Client: Artifact Skin Co.
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Canada

Artifact is a natural skin-loving company with a unique line of facial masques that are inspired by cultural traditions in skincare that are naturally natural. The masques combine the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe. “Our vision is to introduce an audience to natural skincare in a not-so-typical ‘green’ way, keeping it light, fun and full of great design.” – Founders Narae Kim & Elie Nehme

The packaging features white glass jars enclosed in sun-washed colored paper tubes, with a minimal sea and voyage inspired design drawn from the concept of floating buoys that have drifted a long way overseas and have set ashore. These “artifacts” carry with them stories and maps of their discoveries and feature a set of clean modern fonts with a twist of nostalgia.