Tesco Revisionist

Derrick Lin


Agency: R Design
Type of work: Commercial Work
Country: United Kingdom

The brief
Building on the ever growing trend for craft beers, Tesco have joined forces with Marstonʼs Brewers to launch their ʻRevisionistʼ range exclusively in Tesco stores.

Revisionist craft beers are the result of master brewerʼs having free reign to ʻreviseʼ their favourite brewing recipes using contemporary techniques and ingredients to create truly unique and distinctive beers.

We delivered
The packaging design was inspired by travel and the idea of visiting the places from which each unique style of beer originates.

The designs combine the appearance of letterpress printing onto uncoated stock with printed watermarks and the serrated edges of old tickets. These as well as the simple bold patterns used express a raw authenticity that celebrates product individuality over mega brand uniformity.

The seven strong range of bottled beers were launched exclusively in Tescoʼs during February 2014.