Hard Lunch T-Shirt

Derrick Lin


Design / Art direction — Vladimir Strunnikov
Photographer — Toma Evsukova
Client: Hard Lunch Clothing
Type Of Work: Commercial Work
Country: Russia

New T-shirt packaging is the part of the new identity of Russian streetwear brand «Hard Lunch». The conception is adaptation of fast food package for streetwear products: for example, roll-box for tees, pizza-box for hoodies and sweatshirts. Creative approach to packaging is fully consistent with the aesthetics of the brand, creates a holistic, complete and unique image of the streetwear brand «Hard Lunch». Textured surface boxes, sleek design with an emphasis on typography and perforated tear strip in the middle gives an unexpected experience to person who get our t-shirt.

This package retains all the freshness prints and allows you to get a T-shirt Hard Lunch intact.