Bodacious Wine

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Dossier Creative
Client: Constellation Brands
Location: Canada
Project Type: Commercial Work

the challenge
Create a new, national brand that embodies the dynamic character of non-vintage, fruit-forward wines.

the brief
Preliminary research suggested that a smooth-tasting wine would out-perform other benefits with consumers. We were tasked to develop a gamut of brands and stories within a few thematic categories that had tested well for conveying the product attribute in meaningful ways. Options would then be placed into quantitative research before final development of the most successfully-tested name and design.

the strategy
Working from those few thematic categories, we created a series of names and visual concepts that expressed the central offering, from evocative interpretations to straightforward descriptions, and bring the offering to life. Each option was calibrated to maximize subsequent research learnings, allowing for a clearer picture of what appealed to the brand’s consumer groups.

the process
As we proceeded with different rounds of options, we discovered that working outside the prescribed categories yielded a richer set of names and concepts. Those options formed the core of the market research from which one concept, Bodacious, clearly received the most positive response. As we proceeded with developing the look of the label, we made numerous technical decisions on how to best produce the illustration within printer specifications. A spot colour palette was carefully chosen, complemented by judicious use of sculptural embossing and varnishes for increasing the tactile richness along with the visual complexity of the illustration. Paper stock selection was also an important consideration for subtly conveying the quality of the wine and for working well with the illustration.

the results
Bodacious’ introduction, beginning in Quebec, was very well-received, with steady growth in a highly competitive category throughout the year. Sales continued to be very positive, reaching first-year forecasts months before the brand’s anniversary.