GreenWrap (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designers: Pranali Linge, Uttara Ghodke and Viraj Joshi
Location: Pune/ India
Project Type: Student Project

Sustainability, or Green Design is not something that needs to be consciously done to show off how much you have saved, or what all you have done for the environment. It is a way of living, and an approach towards design.

We have all been observing what happens in McDonald’s and of its packaging. We thought of suggesting something that can tackle this problem.

Having taken a largely consumed food product: The McWrap as our topic, we noticed that even a small change can lead to a phenomenal saving of material. Through “Green-wrap” we have reduced the surface area of McWrap packaging. We have also tried to avoid segregation of waste, because the waste generated by this packaging is in one piece. We have come up with a novel way of folding the McWrap Packaging, instead of tearing it off and throwing it away, so that a half-eaten wrap can be covered and kept away. This folding technique is inspired from the way shirt-sleeves are folded.

The major advantages of this packaging are: Around 26% of paper is saved per wrap and the waste generated is in one piece.

We also suggest a non-composite paper, which can also have a glossy finish by the inexpensive method of clay-coating.