Derrick Lin


Designers: Domenico Montemurro, Martino Lapini
Client: mamado srl
Location: Milan, Italy
Project Type: Commercial Work

Longplate was born – you can guess – sitting at the table in a trattoria in the centre of Milan, while Led Zeppelin’s riffs were scratching on the radio. “It wouldn’t be so bad eating on a long plate record”. Martino Lapini and Domenico Montemurro, a real creative couple, didn’t miss the idea on the plate and started to work on a project called Longplate. A plate in its self is very similar to the long plate record. Martino and Domenico’s idea has been simple: to give the appeal of a LP to a common plate. Grooves, the typical color and graphic elements included. All that can make jokes between music genres and food at the same time. With trickery and irony. Longplates are six and each one shows a very particular graphics. Diameter dimensions: 28 cm – Price: 19.90 Euros each. The plates are made in porcelain and are water and scratching resistant. Last but not least they have quality certification.