Licor 43 Redesigned

Derrick Lin


New Design for Licor 43

The well-known liqueur brand, Licor 43, from Zamora International, recently received a new bottle, label and branding redesign by the international drinks design consultants CARTILS.

In recent years Licor 43 has been gaining enormous popularity as ‘the world’s fastest growing premium liqueur’. Now in order to sustain the growth, and with the strong ambition to double the brand’s volume in the next years, CARTILS was selected to work on the core identity and the packaging design.

Considering the Licor 43’s strong heritage, an evolutionary approach to the packaging design was selected, while reinforcing the brand’s modernity, shelf impact, as well as the smooth taste expectation. CARTILS designed the new bottle shape to stand taller, with higher shoulders, adding to the authority of the brand. This also allowed for a higher placement of the Licor 43 brand badge, strongly supporting the shelf visibility. The golden detailing on the label confirms the premium positioning of the brand, while the curved bottle embossing around the label communicates the smooth and gentle flavour. The crest embossing on the shoulder of the bottle, together with the signature on the back and the detailed punt all confirm the authenticity of the Licor 43 brand.