Agency: bluemarlin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Femfresh
Location: UK
Packaging Contents: Intimate Skin Care Products
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Femfresh Liberates its Feminine Side with a Design by Bluemarlin

International brand design agency bluemarlin has created a new global identity for the UK’s #1 intimate skin care brand, femfresh.

femfresh has focused its efforts in educating women to the benefits of intimate skin care products that can be used everyday with pride. The redesign builds on this work and sets brave new standards for the category, moving it into a positive and empowering territory.

The new packaging features feminine figures in a silky monochromatic colour palette ‘covered-up’ by bursting splashes of expressive colour. In distinct contrast to its vibrant background, is femfresh’s new black and white logo. Stylishly modern and feminine, it makes a confident statement on the pack.

What’s Unique?
“Femfresh has been communicating itself as a positive, confident, everyday care brand for women’s intimate skin since May 2011 and, as a consequence, has brought in over 700k new users. It is the clear #1 in its category,” comments Shahla Rushworth of Church & Dwight. “The new design is full of energy and confidence without compromising on femininity and should help us accelerate the brand’s growth trajectory.”

“The redesign is brave and dynamic, giving Femfresh category breakthrough to attract new consumers who are no longer embarrassed to purchase ‘feminine products’,” comments Lisa McWilliam, General Manager of bluemarlin London. The design strikes a fine balance between Femfresh’s expertise and sense of glamour, truly setting it apart.”