Lamb Weston New Visual Identity

Derrick Lin


Agency: Williams Murray Hamm
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lamb Weston
Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Frozen potato products

Williams Murray Hamm Collaborates With Lamb Weston To Identify A Global Brand Purpose And Create A New Visual Identity

Lamb Weston is one of the world’s leading suppliers of frozen potato products to restaurants and consumers. Working with the business since 2013, WMH has helped to create a new brand purpose for the global business, followed by a new visual identity to be launched globally from July

Lamb Weston, a ConAgra Foods brand, produces and delivers frozen potato products to restaurants and bars around the globe. The brand approached WMH as it wanted to change the way it interacted with customers. In order to achieve this it needed to clarify its brand purpose to drive a new kind of innovative thinking; going deeper into customers’ businesses and finding innovative new ways to help them.

WMH worked with Lamb Weston to define the brand purpose as ‘inventive’ -to be the most inventive potato company in the world. This came from the very heart of Lamb Weston’s DNA – since the beginning it has been responsible for some of the most innovative developments in potato processing.

Whilst needing to reflect a business that is always asking ‘What’s next?’; seeing possibilities in everything they do, WMH wanted to maintain the famous signature marque. This was gently refined, with the significant addition of the ellipsis that symbolizes potatoes and the infinite possibilities they represent for Lamb Weston. These are brought to life in a variety of ways, becoming containers for Lamb Weston’s line of frozen potato products, speech bubbles, bow ties…the possibilities are endless ‐rather like Lamb Weston potato products.

As well as helping to define the brand purpose and identity for Lamb Weston, WMH has worked with the business on its internal and external communications, creating a series of films, an internal magazine and brand book.

Garrick Hamm, Creative Director of Williams Murray Hamm said:
“Lamb Weston has been amazing. Right from when we first presented to them, they could see the true purity of the idea, its ownability and stuck with it. We have worked with the business for a long time now and we have a great relationship. We’ve have been able to be there to help them to bring the identity to life at every touchpoint, internally and externally. The strength of this idea has been that everyone can relate to the design, understand it, and take it on”.

Lisa Bescherer, Vice President of Marketing for Lamb Weston added:
“Our new brand identity truly captures what we do every day at Lamb Weston – we never settle, we always push for the best for our customers around the world. The brand identity work brings our inventive spirit to life.”

The new identity rolls out globally from July 2015.