Agency: JAMJAM
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: MARKY
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Markers, Charity, One-for-one children, Colour
Packaging Materials: Carton, Magnet

Meet Marky, the do-good marker! Marky Markers is about fun, colors and giving back to the world. The brand aims to inspire a kids-for-kids mission that excites children about being creative and making a difference.

By donating a large part of their profits from each package sold, Marky makes it possible for less fortunate children to go to school. Because worldwide there are still 250 million children who do not receive any, or very poor, elementary education. Marky collaborates with NGO’s committed to helping less fortunate children get education. Currently Marky supports ‘Ninos de Guatemala’.

JAMJAM is the Amsterdam based agency behind the fun identity, branding & packaging, as well as the Marky character itself. This shy, little brand ambassador present on the playful packaging, thinks everyone should have the chance to go to school. He wants to inspire everyone to draw & help others with his 12 ergonomic markers. But the magic doesn’t stop there, the package features a magnetic closure for easy-opening and contains 4 mini postcards that can be colored & sent to a friend. Marky says ‘let your imagination run wild’!

What’s Unique?
– Each marker sold will help send a kid to school: 1 package pays for 1 day of school for a kid in need.
– The namesake character Marky is so shy that he will never entirely show himself. Instead he’d rather spend this time helping others!