Nosliw Orange Juice

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Agency: Designo Design
Creative Director: João Ferreira
Designer: Artur de Menezes
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Nosliw
Location: Londrina City, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Orange Juice
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Designo Design creative staff developed this unique and beautiful orange juice bottle.

The challenge of this project was to combine aspects of the country life style and bring it into the urban rotine.

The details of this product make an unique composition, staring with the label who has a funny and a colorful design to shape of the bottle, this product was designed thinking of the young people, to give them a moment of calm down and enjoy a delicious and fresh orange juice.

The shape of the bottle was developed to provide a comfortable touch, an easy way to open and serve juice.

The concept of the bottle was inspired by a orange juicer, an appliance that is very usual in the family’s houses around the world.

With these ideas and concept, a simple orange juice get in the market with much more identity, inovation and creativity, offering something new for those who are looking for health and new products.