Omed Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Limited edition

Derrick Lin


Agency: Lebranders, S.L.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: O-Med
Location: Granada, Spain
Packaging Contents: Olive oil

Design of limited edition for 10th anniversary. O-Med is a young and dynamic family company. They combine their passion for extra virgin olive oil with the work, experience and traditions of their father, Juan de Dios, so as not to forget the family roots of the company. At O-Med they also own every part of the oils from the trees the olives grow on to the plant in which the oils are produced. This allows them to keep control of all aspects of the chain from the tree until it is distributed. O-Med also believes in sustainable practices. None of the olive goes to waste. After the oils are pressed from the olives the pits are ground and used for energy to run the farm, then the pomace is used for compost which is then turned into fertilizer for the orchards.