Agency: Das Meer ist blau.
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Peter Berghoff
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Smoothie
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, Aluminium

A “Frischling*” is more than a smoothie. Made from handpicked fresh fruit, organic medicinal plants and no additives, he stands for “pure health”. In fact – his slightly bitter and spicy taste is not for everyone. This should be reflected in the design, matching the target group (LOHAS): authentic, natural, pure and special. The visualized Frischling, whose coiffure is made of fresh herbs, is looking right into the customers face and seems to be asking: “Are you ready for this? … You might not be.” The brand “Phytamin B” (phyton = plant, phytamin = healthy plant extract) is based on the term “Vitamin B”, which in German language is an idiom for “a very helpful personal relationship”, comparable to the english “old-boy network”. A Phytamin B Frischling should also be about personal relationships: The one with the customer (creating curiosity, appealing, provocating) and finally the one with the customers body (more health, new taste, well-being).

*In general usage: a piglet, but also wordplay with the words “fresh” and “little thing”

What’s Unique?
So many products pretend to be for everyone. A Frischling doesn’t pretend – He Is – honest and pure. So is his design.