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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Amí Comunicação & Design
Creative Director: Ronei Sampaio
Art Director: Pabline Felix
Consulting agents: Oi Kabum! BH Students
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Oi Kabum! BH
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Art catalogue, postcards
Packaging Materials: Paper and string

The Dialogic Exhibition, promoted by School of Art and Technology Oi Kabum! Belo Horizonte, brought together works of 40 young artists trained by the institution. The works were exhibited in October and November of 2014 at the National Foundation of Art in Minas Gerais (Funarte-MG). The creations explore subjects like culture, public space and the diversity of people’s relationship with the city.

To capture the relational and fluid universe expressed by the students, it was developed a catalog guided by the concepts of incompleteness, movement and flow. These characteristics were translated by a provocative iconography, which extends the idea of dialog beyond the speech and gives space for the sensory communication – proper to contemporary art.

What’s Unique?
The catalog is a box-contraption of 17×11 cm (size closed). It combines the offset (at the cash, cards and daily programs) and the risograph printing (at the informative book) to two waxed laces, in a reference to the visual identity of the exhibition. Its upper side shows the title of the exhibition – Dialogic (Dialógica) – in dry relief. With the touch, reader and box can establish sensory communication.

The interaction proposed by the catalog, which resume the idea of ​​”opening”, remains with the release of the wires that surround it. These same lines pass through the inside of the informative book, representing the dialogical movement between art and city. Inside the box also are postcards for each work and folders with the schedule of the event.