Fine Paper Takeo – Marvellous Red Packet

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: i’ll studio
Creative Director: Will Sii
Artists: Will Sii, Kay Ho, Ellie Yong, Olaf Yen, Tamagopanda
Designer: Kay Ho
Copywriter: Francine Siew
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fine Paper Takeo
Location: Malaysia
Packaging Contents: Cash, Money, Currency
Packaging Materials: Paper, Card

Lunar New Year (Monkey Year): Marvellous Year!

Angpows aka traditional red-packets for Lunar New Year, which mostly gifted (money in it) from parents as best-of-luck (ya-sui-qian) ahead the year!

This year of the monkey, we present to you a series of ang pows featuring stories of the legendary Sun WuKong – the Monkey King from Journey to the West. Crafted by a group of bright, ang pow tells the adventures of Sun WuKong and blesses all with prosperity. Inspired from our respectful, yet signaficant character – Sun WuKong, his 72-transformation, golden rob, golden eyes and travels 108 li with his cloud!

We believe that bottom of every people’s heart (whoever knows the stories of Sun Wukong), especially artists, always have infinte yet amazing imagination on how adventurous Sun Wukongs journey is. To fulfill and to present these imagination-juice, borrowed this opportunity to showcase these amazing visuals from artists on our traditional practice during Chinese New Year, which is angpows.

Each and every angpow is also original crafted by different medium such as marker/ink, chinese calligraphy brush, graphic, clay and water-color. To add more values, the angpows are designed not only for collectible or gifting purposes, these are actually functioned as interactive-mask, which shaped in Monkey-King face(s). The angpows are also inspired by ‘greeting words/phrases’ which normally heard from family or friends during every Lunar New Year.