T2 Cotton Teabags

Derrick Lin


Designer: Christopher Stanko
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: T2 tea
Location: Worldwide
Packaging Contents: Cotton Teabags
Packaging Materials: Paper

T2 tea is cherished by tea devotees all over the world – it’s the tea that thousands of people start and end the day with. With over 70 stores in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom & America, T2 is Australia’s leading tea retailer, offering the country’s largest range of premium, fragrant tea and tea wares from all around the globe.

The in-house design team developed this range of handcrafted luxurious cotton teabags. 
The soft cotton weave of the T2 handcrafted teabag preserves the tea leaf’s physical shape and maintains it’s delicate taste. This sip is pure indulgence which honours the tea leaf.

There are 8 kinds of tea with 20 teabags and also a bigger more rigid box which is a multi selection of 80 teabags. The packaging is made from FSC certified dyed black paper.

What’s Unique?
This range has been designed in a more stylised fashion compared with other existing designs in the teabag category. The name of the tea has been stitched onto the box and works well in combination with foil stamping for the finer details. This innovative design has been chosen as an ideal medium to help the consumer make an association between the thread on the outside box and its contents which are the cotton teabags. The textural element of the stitching creates shelf presence. The stitching is intriguing, enticing customers to reach out and explore the packaging.